Between us, we have 25 years experience as dog trainers, and many more as dog owners.


Our love of training started when we both attended the same training class, with our own beautiful dogs. Like most dog owners, we thought we were very clever having puppies that could sit, lie down and even roll over on command! But, there was so much more to learn. We soon became eager to expand our knowledge, and help others who were not finding the training an easy task. We both progressed through to the advanced class, and in time started to help within the club by teaching others.


For the last few years, we developed the classes to encompass the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme objectives, and to structure the training in a way that members could progress at a rate that suited them, but still allowed them to work through the levels if required.


We are both friendly, approachable people, who want to inspire people and promote the importance of training, even if for some that only means the basics.


With this in mind, we both felt that the time was right for us to finally do what we have always wanted. BlackRock is a joint venture, and has been formed by us to help you and your dogs achieve the best you can. We look forward to meeting you and your dogs as you join us in our endeavour.


Mission Statement:


Everyone knows the importance of a well behaved dog, but where do you start?


At BlackRock, we deliver obedience training for all breeds and abilities. Your dog can learn in a safe and happy environment, and you can relax in the knowledge that we will help you every step of the way. We are always on hand to offer advice and alternative methods if you are struggling with a particular element of your dog’s training.


With patience, consistency and the tools that we can provide, your dog will be a well behaved, sociable and happy one.

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